Holly, Jolly, and Low-Carb ☃️ Check Out These Holiday Feasting Faves

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With Thanksgiving crossed off the list, we are well on our way into the holiday season. Which means we've still got loads more holiday parties, wintry shenanigans and feasting bonanzas to enjoy! But even with all the good cheer, we're not letting up on our low-carb, low-sugar ways. We've got just the thing to keep us all going for the next round of shindigs -- even more fantastical recipes to whip up and serve for all our family and friends. The best part? They're low-carb, and none of the guests will ever know. ;-) From sweet to savory, we've got you covered for all your holiday party feasting festivities.🎉


Recipes for a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season

There are tons of great sweet and savory treats out there. Here's our survival guide for this season's best low-carb, low-sugar dishes - dig in!


Sweet Treats

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Savory Eats

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In case you missed it, take a look at our handy-dandy Guide to Handling the Holidays for a refresher. We'll be around all throughout the season, so whenever you're looking for more #lowcarb, #diabadass talk we're always here, here and here to help. Be sure to also check out our insulin and A1C infographics for more info on tighter control. I, for one, can always use a good crash-course around this time of year!  

Happy Holidays! ❤️ the One Drop Family

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Mary Elizabeth
Dec 18, 2016

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