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Introducing One Drop | Chrome

Buy One Drop | Chrome at onedrop.today or through the free One Drop Mobile app for iOS and Android, with shipping to US, UK, and EU.

What is One Drop | Chrome?

One Drop | Chrome is a sleek, compact, seamless glucose monitoring system. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, One Drop | Chrome instantly syncs your glucose data with the One Drop | Mobile app. Get unlimited test strips delivered straight to your with a One Drop | Premium subscription.

What is One Drop | Premium?

One Drop | Premium is the first-ever monthly subscription service to provide 24/7 on-demand access to Certified Diabetes Educators and unlimited blood glucose test strips on-demand — all for less than the cost of a monthly co-pay. As part of Premium, users get:

One Drop | Chrome

Devices that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle — a gorgeous bluetooth blood glucose meter, chrome lancing device, and vegan leather carry case that fits in your back pocket.One Drop | Chrome syncs data directly with One Drop | Mobile.

Unlimited Test Strips

Based on your usage, all the test strips you need to use One Drop | Chrome are delivered direct to your door.

One Drop | Experts

Real-time (24/7) access to Certified Diabetes Educators to support you, guide you, and celebrate your accomplishments. Reach out to your personal diabetes Expert anytime via in-app chat through One Drop | Mobile.

One Drop | Mobile

One Drop Apple iOS, Apple Watch, and Android apps allow you to log and analyze Glucose, Food, Meds and Activity all in one place, set daily diabetes management goals, track daily progress, and interact with a worldwide community of people living with diabetes. The iOS and watchOS apps have full HealthKit and CareKit integration, allowing you to sync data from other health apps (e.g., CGMs, Bluetooth meters, food & activity trackers) and share your data with your Care Team. In addition, you get personal and community data-driven insights — with One Drop, you are never making choices alone. Currently, One Drop | Mobile is available as a free download in the Apple iOS App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch, as well as in the Google Play store.  
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Rachel Sanchez-Madhur
Dec 14, 2016

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