Introducing: Your Personal Diabetes Assistant

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Today is a new day.

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to the One Drop app, which we believe will revolutionize the day-to-day diabetes experience! Our updated, revamped Home screen is built to empower all of us in our day-to-day management in a very personal, customizable way. It’s deeply rooted in behavioral science and directly responds to our need, as people with diabetes, for daily self-care.

TL;DR: It is very cool.

We’re moving beyond the everyday logbook to the everyday personal diabetes assistant. When you download the latest One Drop app on your iOS device (Android, coming soon!), you’ll see a simple checklist. This checklist is your go-to, daily spot for all things diabetes.


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Why does this matter?

It will answer this simple question, “What should I do today?”

Real talk: We only spend ~1 hour per year with our doctors, but we live with diabetes all year long -- 8760 hours! There’s a lot we need to do on our own, and it can be tough to integrate all these daily diabetes management tasks into our lives. With this new feature, we’ve taken diabetes care beyond the one-hour annual visit with our doctors, and integrated it into daily routines, empowering us to take steps each day to achieve success, whether that’s lowering A1C, losing weight, or getting off diabetes meds entirely.

When you couple this daily, personalized care plan with a fully integrated digital diabetes logbook, you get the most advanced platform to help you reach your goals. Along with our Automated Decision Support and one-on-one coaching from diabetes experts, you will have every single tool you need to fit diabetes management into your life, easily.

The details

Every day, in your One Drop app, you’ll get a fresh start - yesterday’s reminders are gone! Today is a new day. One that you can totally conquer just by using your personal assistant to remind you of the tasks you need to complete on your list for that day.

To get started, head to your app’s Home screen. Under the new Today tab, set up your reminders. You decide which components of diabetes management are most important to you - blood glucose, medication, food, activity, blood pressure, weight, or A1C - and add any (or all!) of these moments to your daily reminders checklist. From then on, it’s your personal diabetes assistant reminding you what you need to do that day to succeed.


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It’s that simple. Set reminders for the self-care activities that you want to do — eat healthier, exercise more, take medications on time, check blood glucose more often, and more! Use your diabetes assistant to create (and maintain) personalized habits. Because it’s these small, daily steps that ultimately lead to the biggest and best results.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to access the old Home Screen with all your data and activity. It just has a new home! You can find it under the Insight tab (at the top and just to the right of your new Today tab).

Tell us what you think!

Right now, this exciting new feature is being slowly rolled out to a handful of users; over the course of the next few weeks, it will be available to everyone. And we’d love to hear your feedback! Our hope is that you’ll find this update as helpful in your daily diabetes management success as we have in ours. Once you start using this new view, let us know how it’s impacting your daily progress.

To get the full scoop on the One Drop Personal Diabetes Assistant and learn more about how we're the only diabetes app fully integrated with Apple Health Records, read our full press release here



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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Jan 31, 2019

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