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PRO-TIP: Use One Drop in English, Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic! 🌎 🌍 🌏

PRO-TIP: Use One Drop in English, Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic! 🌎 🌍 🌏

We're excited to announce new Language support for iOS!

At One Drop, our goal has always been to make diabetes management easier and diabetes education more accessible for everyone living with diabetes across the world. So, we are super excited to announce that One Drop | Mobile for iOS is now available in FOUR different languages! Just for fun, here's a little trip down memory lane:

Today, One Drop | Mobile is used by people with diabetes in 195 countries and 900+ cities worldwide, and we can't wait to reach even more people as we grow. We're definitely on a #onedropitlikeitshot language bender, and loving it!

So, how do I access One Drop in different languages?

Let's get to it! Below, we break it down in a step-by-step guide. Who knows, maybe you'll pick up a new language just by logging your diabetes data! ;-)

Step 1 Go into Settings on your iOS phone and tap General.

One Drop Languages Set Up - Step1

Step 2 Scroll down and tap on Language & Region. Then, tap iPhone Language. 

One Drop Languages Set Up - Step 2

Step 3

Find your language:

  • Search for your preferred Language from the menu.
  • Select it from the list.
  • Click Done in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click Change to [selected language].
  • Your phone screen will immediately turn black and restart in your preferred language!

One Drop Languages Set Up - Step 3

Step 4 Once your phone is back on, go into the One Drop app and you'll find all your data in its new form. Voilá! Or shall we say, 完, el fin, النهاية.

One Drop Languages Set Up - Step 4

For now, language support only exists for iOS, but we are working super hard on cranking out the same capabilities for Android -- stay tuned!

We are always happy to hear any feedback, so please play around with the languages and let us know what you think (and which language should be next on our list)!

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Mary Elizabeth
Dec 01, 2016

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