One Drop makes logging easy. HealthKit makes it even easier.

Apple HealthKit makes logging easy
One Drop | Mobile empowers us to track blood glucose, food, medications, and activity — all in one place. Medications can be scheduled, glucose readings can be synced, carbs can be scanned via bar codes, and activity can be tracked via built-in mobile pedometers. And for the iOS and Apple Watch community, all sorts of health data can be tracked seamlessly and automagically via Apple's HealthKit.

How does HealthKit work with One Drop?

HealthKit lets health devices and apps share data with the Health app and each other. One Drop is fully integrated with HealthKit, allowing One Drop users to sync blood glucose, fitness, nutrition, and other health data from thousands of apps and devices, including:
  • Dexcom, OneTouch, Accu-Chek, Agamatrix, iHealth, Dario
  • Apple Watch, Garmin, Nike+, UP by Jawbone, Misfit, Pebble, Withings
  • My Fitness Pal, Lose it!, Lark, Weight Watchers, Human, Strava
The information shared with HealthKit is personal and private, so Apple ensures we have complete control over how we choose to share it. For example, we can choose to have our favorite exercise app share 'our moves' with One Drop, but tell our sleep tracker not to. In this way, sharing health data remains hyper-personalized and completely up to us.

So little time, and so much to track.

For people with diabetes, the experience of logging blood glucose and other health metrics has to be positive. It has to be easy and not interfere too much with the rest of our lives. The easier it is to track health data, the easier it is for us to spot trends and make healthy choices. Thankfully, we're in the age of the quantified self. We have excellent tools: Bluetooth-enabled meters and CGMs; diet, fitness, and sleep trackers; and all-in-one apps like One Drop. Because of these tools, we can record loads of data without lifting a finger. We can do less logging and more living.

Who's using HealthKit?

17% of the One Drop community has given HealthKit permission to share their health data with One Drop | Mobile. In analyzing One Drop community data, we've learned:
  • HealthKit is collecting data from hundreds of distinct apps and devices
  • Over 95% of HealthKit data comes from just six apps/devices
  • Apple's own Health app tops this list with 36% of people entering health data directly into Health
  • People are also using non-Health apps like Workflow to get their blood glucose data into One Drop

Top 20 HealthKit integrations used by the One Drop community:

top 20 app integrations via apple healthkit

Thank you, Apple.

HealthKit translates to convenience. It empowers us to track everything without any extra effort. We're grateful it's around!   Note: One Drop plans to bring the same rich, integrated mobile experience to Android users via Google Fit and other Android-based health data platforms later this year.
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Chandra Y. Osborn, PhD, MPH
Jan 25, 2017

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