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New in iOS 12! 🎉

In case you haven't heard, iOS 12 dropped recently. And with it comes lots of awesome new features. Gorgeous new app designs? Obviously. Memoji? You bet. Siri Shortcuts? Absolutely. And this is the one we're particularly thrilled about. You may (or may not) have been loving Siri already. But now, with these custom shortcuts, Siri is getting even more applicable and useful for everyday life. And, as you might've guessed, we are hopping right on board the custom Siri Shortcut train.

One Drop Siri Shortcuts

They're live! And all you need is iOS 12. If you haven't yet updated your OS, that's the first step. Once you've gone through the install, you're ready to go! With One Drop Siri Shortcuts, you can create your very own, custom food logging commands. Food logging can be tough, so we're making it a little easier with this voice command option. And not just food logging. You can also get a quick recap of your daily blood glucose levels from Siri. Use your custom Shortcut to have Siri tell you how well you're staying in range for the day. Sound like magic? ✨ Well, it's yours for the taking. Here's how it's done.

Add a Food Shortcut

  1. Go into your One Drop app.
  2. Open Log Food Moment (Green).
  3. Select Saved Foods.
  4. Tap Add to Siri button beneath the Saved Food you'd like to add as a Shortcut.
  5. Tap the red record button.
  6. Record any phrase you want!
  7. Cancel out of your Log Food Moment. Need more details? Check out our play-by-play here.

Use Your Food Shortcut

  1. Pull up your Siri.
  2. Say your phrase.
  3. Your food is now logged! ✅
This is what it looks like in real life! So, once you've added your new Shortcut, this is what it will look like when you want to use it and log your Saved Food in a flash. ⚡️

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Add an Average Blood Glucose Shortcut

Since there's more to life than food logging, we've also got a Shortcut for average BG levels! Add this One Drop Siri Shortcut to get your Average Blood Glucose stats ASAP. Here's how to add yours: 1. Go into your One Drop app. 2. Tap on your Today View so that you're redirected to your Daily Moments Analysis View. 3.  Tap the Siri icon in the upper righthand corner. 4. Tap the red record button. 5. Record any phrase you want! 6. Tap Done in the upper righthand corner. You're all set! Check out this video to see how we created ours!

Use Your Average BG Shortcut

  1. Pull up your Siri.
  2. Say your phrase.
  3. Your Daily Average Blood Glucose is read back to you! And here's what it looks like when you put your new, custom Shortcut to use. 🚀 siri shortcuts diabetes - average blood glucose - best diabetes app - ios siri shortcuts diabetes It's important to note that sometimes, when trying to record your phrase, Siri may not pick up on the exact phrase you want. But that's an easy fix! You can tap the Edit button beneath the phrase, and Siri will have other phrase options. If you still don't see your phrase listed, simply re-record! It's really that easy. 🤩 And awesome. Get started with yours today! And, as if that's not enough, we've also added a brand new look to the Homescreen. Once you've updated your app and go into it for the first time, you may notice your dashboard buttons are a bit different. Have no fear! All your Moments (Glucose, Activity, Food & Meds) are still there! Just look to the right. 👀 When you tap your new Moments button, you'll also find easy-access to A1C, Weight, and Blood Pressure logging! Tap and hold each button to move around and organize as you please. Happy logging! 🎈 siri shortcuts diabetes - new homescreen
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Mary Elizabeth
Oct 16, 2018

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