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The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016
Thanks to everyone in the One Drop community for making last year a great one!

Here are all your favorite blog posts from 2016:

100 Million Data Points

We did it! Together, we collected over 100 million data points worth of blood glucose, medication, food, and activity. Now that’s diabadass. Check out our infographic to see how you compare to the rest of the One Drop community! 100 Million Data Points - One Drop Diabetes Management

Why is my blood sugar high in the morning?

This mobile-friendly guide tackles the age-old question. Follow our diagram to figure out the culprit for your morning highs. why-is-my-blood-sugar-high-in-the-morning-cta

Introducing One Drop | Premium

Diabetes gear, coaching, and unlimited test strips delivered to your door. Check out our new subscription service, launched in 2016, now taking orders for the US, UK and EU. It starts today. Premium-micro5

10 Meters Put to the Test

One Drop's Rachel Sanchez experiments: ten glucose meters, ten different results. What's with all the BG (in)accuracy? BG Meters


It only takes 3 days to kick the sugar craving. Who's ready for this year's challenge? NoSugarNovember-featureImage

How Tech Is Revolutionizing Diabetes

Check out what's coming in 2017 and how this health tech boom will empower us all.


It's Carbs

Yes, it really is. As a person with type 1 diabetes, my primary goal is to keep my blood sugar in a healthy range (for me that is 65-140 mg/dl). There's only one thing that consistently causes me to go above that range... It’s carbs. McDonald's Fries (Medium Size) = 50g carbs

One Drop Guide to 10,000 Steps

New Year, New Goals. Get your 10k steps a day in by following the tips and tricks in our infographic. Work it!


My 3 Weeks on an Artificial Pancreas

Guest blogger and triathlete Tim Harsch dove into Stanford’s Beta Bionics study. Here's what he found. One Drop - My Three Weeks on a Bionic Pancreas

One Drop Guide to Eating Healthy on the Cheap

Eating well doesn't have to break the bank! Get started today with our guide - great recipes, all under $1 per serving! One Drop Guide to Eating Healthy on the Cheap  
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Mary Elizabeth
Jan 05, 2017

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