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Two T1Ds Walk Into a Bar: Would You Undo Your Diabetes?

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Another video in our Two T1Ds Walk into a Bar series! This time, I turn the camera on Haley -- a California native who loves graphic design, great food, San Francisco, quilting, hiking, and ping-pong.  Oh, and she's had type 1 diabetes for 18 years. ;-) She's a pro. Watch the video here or below! 👇

In This Episode: Cool Diabetes Stuff

This time around, Haley takes the stage and gives us her opinion on the coolest parts of having diabetes. And there are LOTS.  First on Haley's list, there's all that cool diabetes stuff. All the gadgets and gizmos that come with managing diabetes. Haley's favorites? Well, she's hooked up to her Omnipod insulin pump, and (pink!) Dexcom CGM. And we have to agree -- diabetes gear is pretty stinkin' cool if you really think about it (i.e., how far it's come). Not to mention, there is all sorts of cool diabetes stuff to find these days: from Copenhagen-based designer & fellow T1D'er Monica Vesci's @casualtygirl line, to @ihavethesugars' Sugar Shop, complete with punny, genius, and totally relatable diabetes tees. Cool diabetes stuff, swag, gear -- it totally exists. But Haley's favorite part about diabetes? All the great people she's met along the way (totally agree!)...  It turns out, diabetes can bring a lot of good.

On Meeting Cool People

So there's there's all the cool gear involved, but what about diabetes on a personal level? Haley reminisces about attending diabetes camp (it's the best!) and being able to connect with a total stranger about something that can feel very... isolating.

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As long as you can connect with others and take some time to laugh about it, there are some cool sides to diabetes. When I asked Haley whether she'd go back in time and undo diabetes if, given the chance, she had a pretty tough time answering... She's met so many others just by having diabetes that it's really hard to say! I couldn't agree more.

So, would you undo your diabetes?

While diabetes can feel like a very rare circumstance, it's invaluable to find others out there who are going through just the same thing on a daily basis! And for Haley, that's the coolest part. We'd love to hear your thoughts! If, given the chance, would you undo your diabetes? Let us know here, here, or here. And check out our next video to get Haley's take on the toughest part about having diabetes!
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Rachel Sanchez-Madhur
May 08, 2018

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