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Automated Decision Support

The One Drop App can predict your blood sugar with Automated Decision Support (ADS).

Who is ADS for?

Automated Decision Support is available on iOS and Android. Users who selected (1) type 2 for diabetes type during app onboarding (or changed diabetes type to type 2 in One Drop App “My Account” profile section) and (2) are not on insulin therapy.

What is ADS?

If you are regularly tracking BG in One Drop App, you will occasionally get a pop-up notification right after you enter or upload a blood sugar reading. This notification will give you a prediction of what direction your BG will go in the next eight hours and provides advice on actions you can take in response to that prediction (e.g., take a 15 minute walk if your BG is going up).

How does One Drop know what my BG will be?

Magic 8 Ball! (Just kidding.) Our machine-learning model gathers data from you, as well as from other users with similar profiles and behaviors. One Drop has over 1 million data points to pull from, making our predictions extremely accurate.


How accurate are the ADS predictions?

One Drop ADS accurately predicts future blood glucose values with 91% of predictions within +/- 50 mg/dL of glucose meter readings and 75% within +/- 27 mg/dL. Overall accuracy improves as more data is fed to the machine learning models, and the accuracy for any given individual improves as he/she enters more personal health data into the app.

Don't want predictions?

Keep tapping “Not Useful” when prompted by the pop-up notifications. After enough taps, we’ll get the hint and go away.

Want more predictions?

Keep tapping “Useful” when prompted by the pop-up notifications. We’ll send more!

Updated: January 22, 2019