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Chrome Meter Accuracy

Accuracy is extremely important to us. 1/3 of the One Drop staff has diabetes, and every team member is has a personal connection to diabetes. Our CEO Jeff Dachis started One Drop after his own type 1 diabetes diagnosis. Jeff uses his One Drop glucose meter on a daily basis and trusts its readings to provide accurate data for diet, exercise, and insulin dosing.

What does accurate mean?

The FDA requires blood glucose meters to stack up against laboratory blood glucose tests. Approved meters must demonstrate:
  • 99% of blood glucose measurements within 20% of lab results
  • 95% of blood glucose measurements within 15% of lab results

Click here to learn more about the FDA-approved One Drop Glucose Meter clinically proven accuracy.

Click here to download the One Drop Glucose Meter white paper.

But I trust my old meter. Why are my One Drop Glucose Meter readings different?

Every glucose meter has a slightly different accuracy range—up to 20%! If you notice a difference between brands, it doesn't mean that either meter is malfunctioning. Using the One Drop Glucose Meter consistently is the best way to control for this variable and adjust your diet, exercise, and insulin dosing accordingly.

Change can be scary, but we encourage you to use the One Drop Glucose Meter consistently until your next A1C lab test. Let your lower numbers be the proof!

Updated: January 22, 2019