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Directly connect the One Drop app with your Dexcom account. Data pulled from your Dexcom will display with a Dexcom icon next to the blood sugar data in your One Drop feed/timeline.
  1. Open One Drop App Settings and tap Linked Accounts
  2. Tap Dexcom
  3. Sign in to your existing Dexcom account

  • Historical data (prior to syncing Dexcom and One Drop) will not appear in the One Drop App. Only new Dexcom data will be synced with One Drop.
  • There is a 3-hour delay with data transfer from Dexcom to the One Drop App. This delay has been established by Dexcom for legal/FDA reasons. This is a decision their company has made that One Drop cannot adjust.
  • Linked Accounts with Dexcom is only available to users with a US-based Dexcom account. This is a decision Dexcom has made that One Drop cannot adjust.

Updated: January 22, 2019