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Key App Features

Here is a quick tour of the One Drop App home screen and features. The best way to learn is by playing around in the app, but if you have any specific questions check out our other support pages or send us an email at

Notification Inbox: View a list of notifications for scheduled meds, blood glucose check (30 minutes after logging activity, 1 hour after logging insulin, 2 hours after logging food), temp basal, prompts to enter health data (e.g., weight), and more! Notifications are triggered for moments you manually enter into the One Drop app. A number will appear with the number of notifications you have waiting in your inbox.

My Account: Tap the profile icon to visit My Account section where you can edit your profile information, manage your purchases (including ordering strips for Unlimited subscribers), visit the One Drop Store, and set up your One Drop Glucose Meter.

App Settings: Tap the profile icon to visit App Settings (listed below My Account section) and access:
  • Medications
  • Linked Accounts (Dexcom, Fitbit)
  • Health Data Sync (Apple Health)
  • Health Goals
  • Regional Settings (food library region, units)
  • Notifications and Reports
  • Reports
  • About One Drop (terms of service, privacy policy, guidelines)
  • Help

Daily Analysis: View your daily average blood sugar (% high, % low depending on the range you set in App Settings > Health Goals), units of insulin (% bolus, % basal), number of carbs and calories, activity steps and minutes.

Swipe to view glucose in range for last 7 days and daily goal progress. Tap any of these headers to expand and view trends for last 14 days, or by month.

Home: Tap the star at any point to return to your homepage.

News: The news section is full of recipes, polls, infographics, user stories, and more! You will see a red dot when new items are available. Scroll up and down to preview content. Tap a preview to read full write-up. Share your favorite items via social media or email.

Community: Check out the One Drop Ambassadors feed — users just like you, sharing their diabetes journey, including blood glucose, medication, food, and activity moments. Tap the map to see other One Drop App users in your area. We’re in this together!

Coach: Subscribed to One Drop Coaching? Tap this chat icon to connect with your coach. This icon will not display if you are not subscribed to One Drop Coaching.


Updated: January 22, 2019