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Mobile App Notifications

How do I turn on notifications?

  1. Open App Settings and tap Notifications & Permissions.
  2. Tap Enable Push Notifications. A list of push notifications will appear. Green means a notification is on. Tap a notification to turn off.
  3. Tap Edit Notification Settings. You’ll be brought to iPhone Settings for One Drop.
  4. Tap Notifications.
  5. Allow notifications (green), customize banner style, sounds, and badges for One Drop reminders.

  1. Open My Account by tapping gear icon on home screen.
  2. Scroll and tap Notifications & Permissions under App Settings.
  3. Turn push notifications on.
  4. Close One Drop App and open Android settings.
  5. Find One Drop in Apps section and allow One Drop to send push notifications.

How do I use my notifications?

Inbox: A red number will appear on your home screen noting the number of notifications you have waiting in your inbox. Tap to view a list of notifications for scheduled meds, blood glucose check (30 minutes after logging activity, 1 hour after logging insulin, 2 hours after logging food), temp basal, prompts to enter health data (e.g., weight), and more!

Notifications are triggered for moments you manually enter into the One Drop app. Blue notifications are new. Swipe to delete.

Push Notifications: Enabling push notifications in One Drop and phone settings allows you to view reminders even when your phone is locked! Swipe left (iOS) or double tap (Android) to view and add moment (e.g., blood glucose) in One Drop App.

Updated: January 22, 2019